Felting Needles - Pack of 10

Fine Gauge Felting Needles from Ashford
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Felting Needles - Pack of 10

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Category: Felting

These felting needles from Ashford come in packs of 10 needles in each container. Each gauge size works best for different types of needle felting tasks. In general, gauge sizes with larger numbers are thinner and smaller numbers are thicker. Following is more information about the four gauge sizes we carry:

  • 40 - Triangular fine - Barbs on 3 sides. A fine needle for detail work and getting a neat surface. Best not to use it when working with coarse fibres or for rough sculpting/bulk work.
  • 38 - With barbs on four sides it is a great all round needle, good for finer work and finer wools as well as bulky sculpting work.
  • 36 - Triangular medium - Barbs on three sides. A good needle for making the bulk of a 3D piece and again, attaching pieces well. Not good for any detail work.
  • 32 - Triangular Coarse - Barbs on 3 sides. This is a sturdy needle good for working with course fibres and firmly attaching pieces. Not great for detail or a neat surface.

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