Thicker than 8/2

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    Yarns that are included here are thicker than an 8/2 cotton. These are often used when you want a thicker fabric and for items like towels. These can also be used at medium tensions on the knitting machine. Included here as well are the tapestry warping threads.
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    Pleachét Carpet Warp
    Carpet Warp
    Ashford 5-2 Cotton#color_101-bleached-white
    Unmercerized Cotton 5/2
    Ashford Wheels & Looms
    Ashford Wheels & Looms Tapestry loom warping thread
    Tapestry loom warping thread
    Ashford Wheels & Looms
    8/4 Cotton 0083 Black#color_0083-black
    Cotton 8/4
    Maurice Brassard
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