Craft Space Rental: Union 36 Loom

Craft Space Rental: Union 36 Loom

Craft Space Rental: Union 36 Loom

Book a time to use our Union 36 floor loom in the Fiber Rhythm Craft Space. This loom has a 38 inch weaving width, a sectional warp beam, and is a 2-harness, counterbalance loom suited for weaving rugs. 

We have the loom warped with a natural colored 8/4 cotton warp. If you want to use your own warp, you would need to tie onto our warp for your project.

Because of the time it takes to set up these looms, booking durations are one week at a time. You may book up to 4 weeks at once and receive a discounted price.

A few things to note:

  • You must already know how to use this equipment
  • Weaving materials are not included
  • Access to the equipment is during our regular retail hours
  • Booking entitles you to access the Studio Reference Library
  • If you need Craft Space assistance, that must be arranged separately.
  • Weaving accessories, such as raddles, warping frames, shuttles, and winding equipment are included for use in the studio area

Materials used are charged separately.

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Category: Weaving

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