Edward’s Menagerie: Birds

Edwards Menagerie Birds from Kerry Lord

Edward’s Menagerie: Birds

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Category: Crochet

Edward's Menagerie: Birds is a collection of 40 bird crochet patterns written and designed by Kerry Lord from TOFT.

Purchase Edward's Menagerie: Birds direct from TOFT and receive ten *free* exclusive extra .pdf patterns.

Be prepared for forty fine-feathered friends to fly off your hook and put their feet up on your coffee table. Kerry Lord’s Edward’s Menagerie was a runaway success and now she’s back with Birds.

You’ll be happy as a lark as your crochet your way through this colourful collection of birds, including a bashful Flamingo, romance-writing Owl and a politically incorrect Pheasant. Read all about these kooky characters, their adorations and aversions, daydreams and delusions, then crochet them for everyone you know.

Each bird can be crocheted in four different sizes making over 160 different pattern possibilities – so pick your first project and get started! The patterns use basic stitches, are grouped by difficulty and include step-by-step technical guides for beginners, so there’s no excuse to chicken out.

These loveable birds are quick to make, using a super soft yarn in a sophisticated colour palette, and will become your best friends as their larger-than-life personalities and easy-to-use techniques get their claws into you.

This book includes patterns for:

  • Celine the Dove
  • Dora the Wood Pigeon
  • Ernest the Canary
  • Henry the Raven
  • Vince the Blue-footed Booby
  • Alan the Magpie
  • Duke the Mallard
  • Ethel the Kiwi
  • Dave the Seagull
  • Sophia the Flamingo
  • Huck the Pelican
  • Hazel the Hen
  • Barney the Owl
  • Elizabeth the Dodo
  • Mateo the Cock of the Rock
  • Emily the Vulture
  • Florian the Ostrich
  • Ross the Turkey
  • Kevin the Cassowary
  • Tricia the Silkie Chicken
  • Abraham the Bald Eagle
  • Kit the Rooster
  • Margot the Swan
  • Elvis the Cockatoo
  • Scott the Woodpecker
  • Gianni the Lovebird
  • Meghan the Toucan
  • Robin the Robin
  • Gareth the Puffin
  • Rohit the Peacock
  • Caesar the Emperor Penguin
  • Enid the Long-eared Owl
  • Jack the Macaw
  • Petra the Rockhopper Penguin
  • Ben the Kingfisher
  • Anik the Snowy Owl
  • Gilbert the Pheasant
  • Oscar the Penguin
  • Jorge the Jay
The ten .pdf bonus patterns (exclusive to buying this book from TOFT are):
  • Camille the Canadian Goose
  • Julian the Doctor Bird
  • Bastian the Hummingbird
  • Agnes the Heron
  • Ina the Stork
  • Nor the Rhinoceros Hornbill
  • Jacob the Hoopoe
  • Cooper the Kookaburra
  • Lee the Secretary Bird
  • Putu the Bali Bird of Paradise
  • Zara the Lorikeet

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