2-week Joy Spinning Wheel Rental

2-week Joy Spinning Wheel Rental

2-week Joy Spinning Wheel Rental

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Have you always wanted to try spinning but weren't sure where to start? Or perhaps you just want to narrow down what type of spinning wheel you want to purchase. 

Our two week Joy 2 Spinning Wheel rental allows customers from non-smoking homes to take an Ashford Joy 2 single treadle spinning wheel home with them. Two weeks is enough time to try out the spinning process and get an idea if you will like it or not.

2 week wheel rentals pair with the Intro to Spinning group class perfectly! Sign up for your class, then come back and reserve your spinning wheel once you know when your class will be. Since the Wheel Spinning private lesson usually occurs in two 2-hour sessions one week apart, you can schedule your spinning wheel rental to start the first day of class and still have time to play with it after your second class, before returning it.

This rental includes: The Joy Spinning Wheel, 3 bobbins, 1 threading hook, a Learn to Spin book, Joy Spinning Wheel instructions, an Allen wrench, and a carrying case. 

One 2-week wheel rental can be reimbursed if you decide to purchase a new spinning wheel from us prior to the end of your 2-week rental period.

Spinning wheel rental times can sometimes be extended, depending on rental equipment bookings. You will pay for a second 2-week time frame. Only one rental can be taken off the price of a new spinning wheel purchase. 

Sorry, local Portland-Metro-area only.

Please do not use this product for rental extensions. You will need to call us if you would like to extend your rental. Only one extension is allowed.

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